The deadline: For online submissions, please submit your nomination with all necessary attachments by 6 pm on January 31st. You will receive an invoice by 7 pm that must be paid upon receipt to be considered on time. Invoices not paid on January 31st will be considered late and a late fee invoice will be sent out on February 1st.

For combining: In the event multiple forms must be submitted, contact Katie Lauer via Facebook, email (caitlynlauer@yahoo.com), or phone (859-444-0204) to notify her. Forms can be combined and one invoice will be sent out. This also includes if you would like to bundle your nomination with another member and receive one invoice.

KAHABA Points Earning Horses Eligibility Check list

KAHABA Horse Nomination Check list

KAHABA Stallion Nomination Check list

KAHABA Registered Breeder Check list


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